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This site is excellent.. This site has been the best service I have found!!! I have been trying different things on Wholesale Pages. It's very easy to navigate. I must say Wholesale Pages is doing great work. It is a great way to list your business or find suppliers as it is an easy to use web directory. All companies are categorized according to business type and it is easy to locate produc ... read more
Address:  Unit 4, Concord Business Centre, Concord Road, Acton, London, W3 0TJ, United Kingdom
Having noticed my competitors on Wholesale Pages and seeing such amazing benefits they were receiving on Google as a result of their presence at this portal, I also decided to list my Company. The process was relatively straight forward and the support was second to none. Naturally, I would not recommend Wholesale Pages to any of the competition as I would not want them to reap the substant ... read more
Address:  Burleigh Farm, Bladon Road, Cassington, Oxford
Wholesale Pages is a brilliant website, it has everything you need to find a supplier of whatever product all in one place. This site takes the worry out of trying to find a trust worthy supplier, and not to mention the man hours of trawling the internet. Not only does it list all the manufacturers / wholesalers etc it also shows all the relevant information for the supplier. Furthermore, which ... read more
Address:  UK
Wholesale Pages is a very useful portal for quality and low priced wholesale purchases. I was in search of kidsí party bags and toys within the range of my pocket. It was amazing to see a huge variety of kidsí party bags and toys at Wholesale Pages. After that I didnít get back to Google for more browsing. I contacted a supplier to ensure whether they are real suppliers or not, along with the r ... read more
Address:  Clay Hill Road, Basildon, SS16 5AD
I have found using Wholesale Pages very useful and easy to navigate and control the information that anyone requires. While using this service I have seen more and more interest in what I am doing and this has helped me further my business. On thinking about the level of service that I have received I would recommend this to any other business for future use. When I require this service aga ... read more
Address:  XX Norbroom Drive, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 7TD
I opened a bridal wear shop in September and being new to the business I needed to find suppliers who could provide me with the stock I need at the prices I can afford to pay. I joined Wholesale Pages and was very pleased to see the amount of business that I can deal with. At the moment I am searching through and collating all my info so that I can make an informed choice as to which suppliers ... read more
Address:  XXXX St. Paul's Parade, Scawsby, Doncaster, DN5 8lLJ
Being the owner of a small business, I need to manage many different things on my own. I really donít have the time or budget to waste on searching and verifying authentic suppliers for my business. So, I am always on the lookout for resources that can help save time and money. As someone who has had some experience with B2B in past, I could tell from the very first moment that this site has exact ... read more
Address:  XX Kilford Close, Amesbury, Salisbury SP4 7XS
Given the fact that there are practically countless vendors dealing in various kinds of jewellery items, one would think that finding a supplier would be just as easy. But that is not the case and I found out this for myself the hard way. After searching almost every nook and corner and talking to several of my friends, I was pretty sure that nobody would really lead me by the hand and find me a s ... read more
Address:  XXXXXX, Caxton Road, Highbridge, Somerset TA9 3FW
Selling jewellery is a recession-proof profession, to say the least. With the abysmal conditions prevailing in the job market, I never really wanted to bother looking for petty jobs. Instead, I began working on making and selling my own line of jewellery. It is not as easy as one might like to think. There are all sorts of issues you can face if you have zero experience of running a business of yo ... read more
Address:  London, England
Mels Good
My experience with Wholesale Pages has turned out to be very good. I decided to start a small retail shop selling a unique range of handbags. I was in search of some low cost but reliable suppliers in UK to procure handbags for selling, but the majority of suppliers I found on internet were turning out to be unreliable or fake. One of my friends is in clothing business and she has been using Whole ... read more
Address:  XXXX, 200 Dane Valley Road, Margate Kent, CT9 3XY
I have always had a knack for making unique and creative designs. My creative ability to play with colours and patterns helped me greatly when I first stepped into this line of business. Over the years however I learned that it takes much more than sheer talent to excel in business without proper contacts. But thankfully though, it no longer seems a problem ever since I have registered on Wholesal ... read more
Address:  XXXX, Redbridge Grove, Bedhampton, Havant PO9 3DE
Believe it or not, sourcing suppliers for quality felts and sequins online is not an easy job, especially if you are not a member of a directory like Wholesale Pages. I remember how Iíd spend hours browsing dozens of website and end up finding nothing but articles providing types of felts and sequins which are more popular these days, or a middleman acting as genuine supplier. A friendís fiancť ... read more
Address:  XX College Green, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 5ES
We didn't go on the Wholesale Pages website to sell anything, we needed promoting and thought it would a great way to sell our reputation where we supply building aggregates. We got in touch with Wholesale Pages by email regarding our promotion, from the first initial email to the last we were served by a professional business who catered for our needs. The management system of Wholesale Pa ... read more
Address:  XXX, Wicker Lane, Guilden Sutton, Chester, Cheshire.
We deal in baby products and since parents do not like to compromise on the quality of things they buy for their little ones, it is very important for us to source quality items but finding reliable suppliers is not a ladiesí job. Coming across trusted suppliers is not that easy of a thing. We had heard of several wholesale directories and B2B portals and wanted to try a few out for ourselves. ... read more
Address:  XX King Street, Wrexham, Clwyd LL11 4HU
I have been registered with Wholesale Pages for some time and find it an invaluable resource for new suppliers, potential customers. The website is clear and easy to navigate and the staff doesnít hound you with newsletters and mail you do not want but leave you to search out that new product or supplier. I have used it for researching new markets, new companies and suppliers and for general marke ... read more
Address:  UK
Wholesale Pages offers wealth of resources to sellers like me. I have been able to find some very good suppliers of baby toys and shoes listed here and believe that all traders, whether experienced or not, should be part of this website. It is one such resource where retailers and resellers can find the real suppliers who are nice enough to offer you good rates, I said good rates because their pri ... read more
Address:  Audenshaw, Manchester, UK
Looking for a cost effective marketing medium for my business, I turned towards Wholesale Pages for promoting my business, and getting some leads. Despite the fact that I am a free member, Iíve had a plethora of features, and opportunities to get in touch with potential clients on Wholesale Pages. The exposure provided by the website helped my business gain quite some recognition and that is exact ... read more
Address:  89/91 New Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 1HH
I registered at the site not too long ago and I am surprised to see that it has already begun paying off. Ever since I became a part of Wholesale Pages, I have found that it has generated a lot of visits to my site. Iíd know because I have only just recently started investing on B2B trade websites, such as this one and I keep a close eye on the progress too since at the end of the day, it is all a ... read more
Address:  Bradley Mill, Bradley Lane, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 1LZ
Tanita Dighton
Iíve never been too keen to work for others, and I donít really want to end up in a 9 to 5 job. Starting my own trading business was always on the cards but I encountered my first roadblock when I was faced with the challenge of finding genuine suppliers. Majority of the suppliers that I found were middleman. Now donít get me wrong, middlemen are also sellers but they will nibble away at whate ... read more
I know there are a few classic things that are so good that people just cannot help buying them. The sale of oil burners, glass jars or drinking glasses and t-light holders might have been affected by recession but only just. I have been selling these things for quite some time but I wanted to make better profits since I knew it was possible. It took me sometime to realize that I was spending t ... read more
Address:  XXXX Wood Road, Lower Gornal, Dudley, West Midlands, DY3 2LW
For wedding products, I have been unable to find a source as valuable as Wholesale Pages. To access the suppliers of related items, I just had to sign up at Wholesale Pages. Their customer support representative saved me from browsing the entire listing of suppliers and gave me the contact information of those concerning my business. I am surprised that spending few pounds at this website earned m ... read more
Address:  Finchampstead
Traditional Country Saddler
I have customers apply to me for a trade account through Wholesale Pages on a regular basis enabling me to set up retailers round the country who can sell my products. Wholesale Pages is by far the best place to allow potential trade customers to see my products. I have now got a discount facility on Wholesale Pages as well, and no doubt it will bring me in more trade due to the excellent disc ... read more
Address:  62 Spencer Road, Caterham on the Hill, Surrey CR3 5LA
I have to thank Wholesale Pages for its brilliant services. Since I deal in cosmetics, finding a wide variety of products has never been an issue for me but finding them at good rates has always been. However, Wholesale Pages has solved this problem for me as I can now buy any branded makeup item from many of the reputed UK suppliers listed here. One of the most accredited features of this web ... read more
Address:  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK
Shop Richards
Very much professional, good sources they have and above all the customer support is incredible. I was new in online business and Wholesale Pages helped me a great way to start with and database they have is unbelievable. Wholesale Pages is a brilliant website, it has everything you need to find a supplier for you of whatever product they have with them all in one place. Also site removes the ... read more
Address:  XXX St. Albans Road, Kingston Upon Thames Surrey, KT2 5HQ
Financial Director
I accidentally came across a forum couple of months ago, where the ongoing discussion was about the best UK wholesale directories out there. I saw some members recommending Wholesale Pages, and I thought of giving it a try. This is how I came across this portal and instantly joined it. I regularly visit Wholesale pages and avail the leads available there. In addition to that, I keep getting vi ... read more
Address:  53 Liddon Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 2SR
Wholesale Pages is a great way to list your business or find suppliers as it is an easy to use web directory. All companies are categorized according to business type and it is easy to locate products. Accompanied with this, it is absolutely free to use for suppliers! Being a start-up company, it is difficult to afford listing on several directories, but Wholesale Pages has provided a great avenue ... read more
Address:  The Gatehouse, 453 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex
The wholesale pages are a fantastic unique service that will suit any wholesaler. They are open and honest, up front regarding the service and business they provide. The immense traffic increase to our online based company has been a valuable asset to our sales and website ranking. With a simple online registration and submission of information you can be on your way to the top with the Wholes ... read more
Address:  Unit 1/10, Meadow Mill, Water Street, Stockport, SK1 2BU.
I have only just begun selling online but boy do I feel the potential! A lot of people think there is massive business once you start selling online. What I know from experience is that while you do get to make good retail profits while selling online but it is not easy. It works spectacularly well for you if you have resourceful friends with contacts, if not, youíre out of luck. I donít have f ... read more
Address:  Nottingham, United Kingdom
Fund Co-ordinator
Wholesale Pages helps bring our activities to the attention of a very wide audience which is a great asset in advertising our charity events. It is giving public services which have the potential to benefit so many people both locally and throughout the country. Unlike many Wholesale Pages is easy and simple to access. With the support of Wholesale Pages our name and events will be spread far ... read more
Address:  32 Tealing Drive, Ewell, Surrey, KT19 0JS
I run a non profit page on Facebook called Missed Souls Treasures Shop, I founded the shop in March 2011 in memory of my son Aiden who I lost at 35 weeks. I am raising funds to make memory boxes to donate to my local hospital which are filled with items for bereaved parents so they don't walk out of hospital empty handed. On the page we sell embroidered goods, grave memorial items, memorial jew ... read more
I was a serious buyer looking for exclusive beads with innovative designs and eye-catching colours. For that purpose, I surfed the internet and signed up with a couple of wholesale portals. Among all of them, my experience with Wholesale Pages turned out to be the best. I am really glad to appreciate their professional approach and the way they guided and helped me in purchase process. I presented ... read more
Address:  XXXX South Tyneside, United Kingdom
I had no intentions of going out looking for a job ever since I graduated. Letís face it - job market practically does not have much to offer to anyone. So instead of wasting any time or energy there, I took the decision of making my own money by selling clothes and shoes. Iíve done pretty decent so far but unfortunately, I needed to build a network of my own to really get into the business. F ... read more
Address:  Leicester, United Kingdom
The good thing about Wholesale Pages is that you can list your company for free. Wholesale Pages is a great place to advertise any wholesale business, as we are getting lots and lots of click through`s to our site. We are also seeing very high conversion rates through Wholesale Pages. Most visitors to our site that are coming from Wholesale Pages seem to be serious customers. Wholesale Pages ... read more
Address:  Unit 28 Great Cambridge Industrial Estate, Lincoln Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN11SH
Wholesale Pages offers a clean, secure platform for retailers looking for authentic and genuine wholesale suppliers. It also offers trusted suppliers a great opportunity to appear directly to retailers and traders without the trader investing hours trawling the internet and checking supplier reviews. With exclusive discounts, clean listings and an attentive research team it is an incredible source ... read more
Address:  11, Key Hill, Hockley, Birmingham B18 5NZ
There are many professions which remain unaffected by recession. Selling consumer products is one of them. I have been buying from a few suppliers who, I discovered later on, were middlemen taking their profit cuts. While trying to find a way around them, I discovered Wholesale Pages. Even though I have only just begun using the site but I can tell that I wonít again have to bother about checking ... read more
Address:  XX Brookside, Wednesbury, Sandwell
From a short while ago I had the pleasure of working with Wholesale Pages. I am writing this to all fellow members to express my great satisfaction with the quality of the work completed and quality of the people involved in this website. They were extremely helpful from my first order through completion. Everything worked immediately and I am pleased with how things turned out. I am happy to c ... read more
Address:  XX Bramber Avenue, Hove - Brighton, East Sussex, UK BN3 8GW
First impression I had when I looked at the website was that the graphics were pleasant and the whole navigation of the portal was very user friendly. That was the first thing that attracted me to the site. The second huge plus for me all the while I have been using Wholesale Pages the level of courtesy and professionalism that greeted me when I registered with the portal. All in all, I was ve ... read more
Address:  10, Edgecombe House, Whitl Ock Drive, Southfields, London SW19 6SL
My name is Jan. I was willing to import goods from UK to Poland and for this I had to find a website where I may found reliable and legitimate wholesalers. Then I found Wholesale Pages while surfing on Facebook. They have lots of wholesalers; and I was sure that this website will add value to my business in making safe deals. The help desk at Wholesale Pages is great, that gives a prompt respo ... read more
Address:  XXXX, 7/11, Szczecin, Poland
I find Wholesale Pages to be a good forum of products for anyone looking for exceptional deals from manufacturers, wholesalers and importers such as myself. They are constantly encouraging suppliers to offer good deals which in turn hopefully will bring added trade to the suppliers. Their activeness and potential show that they are keen to move forward and promote their own business which is a ... read more
Address:  15 Linburn Drive, Bishop Auckland, County Durham DL14 0RG
Excellent !!!!!!!!!! "Wholesaler Pages has been excellent for sourcing and getting the correct suppliers. I've now sourced lots of new wholesalers which give my business the correct springboard to get going properly." I want to congratulate you for having this unique website, not only that your website has a good design, graphics etc., but more importantly you have a very good content. Perso ... read more
Address:  25-27 Jubilee Drive, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5TX
SEO Campaign Manager
It was a pleasure dealing with Wholesale Pages Ė in particular we found their representatives to be extremely helpful throughout the process. Wholesale Pages helps businesses in their promotion and presents you with a lot of wonderful opportunities to advertise your business. As far as their customer support service is concerned, it is very quick and personable customer service. That is perhap ... read more
Address:  Unit 9 Benridge Park, Holy Rood Close, Poole, Dorset
Wholesale Pages is an invaluable resource for anyone who has either a retail business or an online selling presence. The extensive directory offers many useful outlets for sellers; membership has huge benefits. As a buyer, I did purchase the Premium membership on a few occasions, which was well worth the money. The site is updated regularly with new listings and itís so well organised that I alway ... read more
Address:  XXXXX, London N11
Iím in the US where we have this unique money making model for all kinds of individuals. Part of our business model includes finding not just the best deals in the town but the rest of the world as well. In my quest to get the best deals and discounts for some merchandize, I came across Wholesale Pages. The site looked promising even at first glance and I had a gut feeling that after spending hour ... read more
Address:  Drummond, Oklahoma, USA
We are new to Wholesale Pages but, can see that the network available across the UK is going to be invaluable with regards to our current and future business requirements. It will give us a national platform to be able to promote our products and aim them directly at the people we are trying to reach. It will make it easier for all potential buyers of our products to be able to source us more easi ... read more
Address:  Hillcrest House, Henley, Ludlow SY8 3ET
Wholesale Pages is a brilliant website, it has everything you need to find a supplier and buyer of whatever product all in one place. Wholesale Pages takes the worry out of trying to find a trust worthy supplier and potential customers, and not to mention the man hours of trawling the internet. Not only does it list all the manufacturers/wholesalers etc but also shows all the relevant information ... read more
Address:  London, UK
Giving access to a huge list of authentic UK suppliers is the best thing that any website can do to a small trading business like me, and cheers to Wholesale Pages for doing that. Before joining Wholesale Pages, Iíve had several bad online experiences with the (so-called) authentic and the cheapest suppliers of baby products, which is not the case at Wholesale Pages. I would recommend everyon ... read more
Address:  7 Rowbarrow Lane, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 8BY
Like all newbie who venture into the world of self-employment, I took a plunge and found my first boulder when I had to lookup suppliers of ribbons and plastic pony beads. I had no idea how hard it was to come across suppliers of any kind of accessories. With new prior experience of the field and contacts, I resorted to web. Thank God for Wholesale Pages which saved me so much trouble! I have ... read more
Address:  XXXXX Plover Road, Lindley, Huddersfield HD3 3HL
Wholesale Pages is really helpful and being a mum to a 4 year old and buying for Christmas, birthdays etc it is good and also they have a wide range of things to look through :). I would highly recommend this site to my friends, family etc so they could like me benefit from it too. I hope in the future I can use Wholesale Pages as my ideal shopping site for toys, mobiles and rest of the things ... read more
Address:  XXX Arran Court, Alloa FK10 1DQ
Although this is my 1st visit to this page it certainly looks very interesting and most helpful to shoppers. The site, at the very first sight, looks very promising. The detailed layout and the various categories are an explicit sign then that the site does hold the key to various reliable, trusted and established vendors specializing in various niches. I believe Wholesale Pages can prove to b ... read more
Address:  Noosa Heads, Australia
Director, Head Designer
Being a small business owner, I have been exploring different ways to get my business out there. I have come across this fantastic website. I am very glad to have joined and look forward to great customer and supplier relations. I make handmade beaded jewellery and accessories, which I sell retail and wholesale. Even though I am based in Australia, I ship worldwide and have had orders from all ... read more
Address:  XXXXX Happy Valley, SA, Australia 5159
I was in need of some electronic suppliers in UK, and being a busy lady it was really hard for me to spend hours on searching for the genuine ones, so I thought of trying online and I landed upon this cool wholesalersí directory. Iím amazed how things have worked out. I am saved from the hassle of traveling around, going from one business to another, and getting confused with all sorts of websites ... read more
Buying anything in wholesale is hard since the first thing you have to do before actually purchasing anything is to find a supplier you can trust. I have spent hours searching the web but the only ones I found on my own were either Chinese suppliers or locals with shady reputation. When youíre getting into any business with heavy investment, you just do not throw your money away. You take all the ... read more
Address:  Hawaiian Gardens, California
There is a huge market here in Australia for all kinds of charms. I tried my luck at selling some of the Tibetan silver charms items which I had gotten from one of my earlier visits. Unfortunately though, Iím not one of the privileged few who afford to fly back and forth for buying goods in bulk so what I needed was a wholesaler who could sell me the stuff I need at cheap rates and thankfully, tha ... read more
Address:  Central Queensland, Australia
I found Wholesale Pages through a lovely friend. I was impressed with the whole idea once the concept of the site was introduced to me since I didn't know such a source existed where finding genuine suppliers was as easy as ABC and so I wanted to give it a go. The whole of my experience on the site has been a pleasure as I got exactly what the site promises Ė lists and lists of legitimate, real ve ... read more
Address:  XXXX Springfield Lakes, QLD 4300
Finding reliable suppliers for my newly launched business was proving to be a headache. Luckily, one of my friends who was already using this website, told me about Wholesale Pages. It was only a matter of signing up (that didnít take more than 2 minutes), and I was able to find various legitimate suppliers. The site is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate, and despite the fact that I am ... read more
Address:  XXX, Swaifeyah, Wakalat Street, Oasis 1 Building, Jordan - Amman
Sales Director
Having recently launched our new website for our wholesale electronic cigarette and cigar business, we were very keen to establish credible business partnerships to help us reach our customer base with this new and innovative product. Our decision to work with Wholesale Pages has been fully justified after only a short while, as clearly this is a valuable site, especially for small business trader ... read more
Address:  22 Thames Street, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, TW16 6AF
Last year and half I have studied a lot of wholesale websites on the internet. So I can say that Wholesale Pages is definitely the best because information can be found quickly and it is up to date, unlike many other websites. Your website creates trust and therefore I have decided to just stay at it. I am going to join your affiliate program because I want to let others in my country learn abou ... read more
Address:  XXXX, Rundales Novads, Egles, Latvia
How do I even begin telling you what load of treasure Wholesale Pages has helped me find! The site has literally helped me find a whole new world of wholesale clothing, which I never knew was accessible to traders from the third word. I am an Indian and never before have I come across a site which offered direct access to thousand and thousand of UK specific vendors. As somebody from the unpri ... read more
Address:  XXXX D.D. College road, Keonjhar, 758001, Odisha, India
Finding desired products is really quite a tough job if you choose the wrong domain. First time when I visited the Wholesale Pages, it showed a huge bunch of brands and products arranged in categories, which really is a nice feature and saves you a lot of time. One should buy the desired products from this site because the suppliers listed here sell quality products at rates lesser than the UK mar ... read more
Address:  Himachal Pradesh, India
Finding a market for Indian dresses in the UK is a tough job. The client base is increasing but still it is quite difficult to strike a good deal with a merchant, without doing extensive research. Or at least that was the case before I discovered a smart way of entering the UK wholesale market. Wholesale Pages has proved to be my gateway to the British customers. My company, Eslarr Enterprise ... read more
Address:  XX, Panchanantala Lane, Behala, Kolkata - 700034, India
I registered at Wholesale Pages because of the various special offers available on the site. What struck me instantly was the comparison or rather the striking difference in the prices of products available with various suppliers on the site and the possible selling prices of the same products on eBay and Amazon. Just like any online retailer, I am keen on increasing my profit margins. Not onl ... read more
We use Wholesale Pages regularly to check out new suppliers and contacts. The process is very quick and it is easy to find the details we need. It's a vast resource of information for the UK wholesale market, all in one place. For a FREE listing we were surprised when we started getting a few enquiries saying that they found us through Wholesale Pages. We are seriously considering going for a f ... read more
Address:  XXXXX XXXXXXX House, Lower Tregantle, Antony, Torpoint, PL11 3AL
By using wholesale pages we have managed to reach a wider range of potential customers and suppliers. We have launched our product ranges to a considerably larger market. Wholesale Pages is a very economical way of getting your business and products seen by retailers all over the world. With the help and advice available you can launch new ranges or just increase the visibility of existing ... read more
Address:  Dallamires Lane, North Yorkshire, UK
ďThe internet marketing is probably the easiest thing that one can do sitting home.Ē This is what the people urging you to work for them on internet often say but when you are a businessman yourself, hardly would anybody be able to name one good website that can help you promote your business and start earning through it. It was a friend of mine who I accidentally found on Facebook a few months ba ... read more
Address:  Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Wholesale Pages is doing a great job generating traffic for our website; it has always been in the top 5 of our traffic sources. The site is easy to use and offers a great range of features. Being able to upload product information and images means we are able to promote our business effectively and has led to enquiries about specific products as well as general enquiries about our business. Overa ... read more
Address:  XX Cheetwood Road, Manchester, M8 8AQ
Managing Director
I am impressed by the professional approach of Wholesale Pages representatives when I was contacted to advertise my business via their network. In addition to that, my business has experienced unprecedented increase in customers patronage as a result of the advertising channel they opened for my business. I would recommend Wholesale Pages to any new start-ups or any business wanting to acqui ... read more
Address:  XX Suffolk Road, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2SW, United Kingdom
Cheaper Deals
Since I was new to online business, I was still in search of wholesale products that are low cost but of good quality and thank God I found Wholesale Pages, it helped me a lot. It is very useful for my search. I was impressed with the level of service they're giving. Very easy to navigate because everything is categorized. And now I am regularly using Wholesale Pages to check new suppliers and ... read more
Address:  Batangas, Philippines
With the mini economic boom, Bangladesh underwent during the 2000s, the lifestyle of the people was tremendously altered. Where people once were not ready to give up on the traditional local attire, now you find many donning the finest clothes. Keeping the changing trends in mind, I started looking for authentic suppliers of branded clothes. During my search, I came across many who claimed to be w ... read more
Address:  Chittagong, Bangladesh
Our business experience with Wholesale Pages has been clear and simple: Wholesale suppliers listed in this directory have provided us with really good discounts and services. Wholesale Pages keeps us informed about the best discounts and wholesale suppliers in the UK. Even though, we are a business company located in Spain but here we have found UK Whole Suppliers who offered us better rates than ... read more
Address:  Avenida de la Estaciůn Nļ 28 Almeria, Spain
There is a huge market for branded clothes in Indonesia but getting hold of vendors across the continent is not easy. I tried talking to a few friends who were in the same business but trust me, nobody likes to share this valuable information with you ever. Thatís when I turned to internet. As the saying goes, Google knows best and sure it did. Although I hardly expected to find a genuine supplier ... read more
Address:  Samarinda, Indonesia
This website is really useful. It is well designed. I have to confess that I am no computer genie and no internet savvy either but I have learned that looking for products on this website is not too hard. With its usability, this website is particularly helpful for those of us who are new in business. Itís a dog eat dog world out there and as a newbie, I really didnít expect anyone to guide me ... read more
Address:  Chittagong, Bangladesh
A friend of mine directed me to this site. I just wanted to take a look at the site but I did take a look I knew at once that it was worth more than just mere browsing... I have to say that Wholesale Pages is nothing less than a magnificent resource for all kinds of buyers, sellers and companies. No matter what part of the globe you belong to, if you are interested in importing any kind of supp ... read more
Address:  London Street New York
I found Wholesale Pages to be very good and completely different from other UK wholesale directories. The layout of the site is simple and easy to browse. The extensive listings of products and suppliers allow buyers to compare the prices and get the best deal from the wholesalers. I found good resources from this site which turn out to be reliable and credible dealers. The website has allowed ... read more
Address:  Shinsei Kamida 195, Brazil
The moment I checked the buying and selling leads (quotes) section on Wholesale Pages, I knew that I have found the right website to get serious clients for my scarves and hijab products. I have been getting lots of inquiries from interested customers after submitting quotes on Wholesale Pages, and each one of them is coming from a serious buyer. I am not internet savvy and was reluctant to us ... read more
Address:  II-A 6/10 Naziamabad No.2 Karachi, Pakistan
It was one fine morning when I was searching for leather products through the web search. Although I never preferred price over quality products nevertheless I donít spend lavishly. In the mean time, I received a message by the Wholesale Pages representative on Facebook. I asked them to please give some contacts of leather goods suppliers as they deal in vast categories of wholesale suppliers. The ... read more
Address:  XXXXX, Kadawatha Road, Kaluboavilla, Dhehiwala, Srilanka
I was running a business of musical instruments there in Bali, Indonesia. But my profit margin was very low. Low profit margins can be so disheartening that I was on the verge of wrapping it all up and trying my luck in some other niche. I was still calculating my options when one I got lucky to stumble upon Wholesale Pages. At first I wasn't sure if the site would help change anything but then ... read more
Address:  Bali, Indonesia
Wholesale Pages is one place any business can't go wrong. This portal has been of great help to my business. It's as if the site is just meant for my digital business personally. Since I started using their services, everything has changed for good. Having noticed my competitors on Wholesale Pages and seeing such amazing benefits they were receiving on Google as a result of their presence at th ... read more
Address:  No 1 Aku Street, Owerri, Imo State
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