Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Wholesale Pages is strongly against violations of Intellectual Property rights and takes strict measures against any matieral infringing intellectual property owner's rights. We have implemented a system which intellectual property owners can use to protect their rights.

We insist upon all users to acknowledge intellectual property rights when listing their marterial at Wholesale Pages, which at times amounts to thousands of listings per day. Although we carry out significant checks on suppliers and vet listings, however, we are not an authority in copyrights, patent, trade secrets or other intellectual property issues and we appreciate your assistance in helping us to identify any infringing material on the website.

Wholesale Pages does not arbitrate or judge intellectual property disputes, however, as a prudent measure may take accused material off the website. We are not adjudicators and exclusion from our website is based on our personal assessment. Neither does the removal endorse a claim of infringement nor does it establish with authorization that an intellectual property rights violation has taken place.

By submitting an infringement report and requesting us to remove any material, you agree to indemnify Wholesale Pages and all of its associated concerns against all claims and/or damages related to the accused material and those which may arise from its removal.

Procedure for reporting an infringement:

If any of your intellectual property rights have been violated then please follow the following procedure to submit an infringement report.